Blog 15

The section that I choose to read was “And Yet” which focuses on distinguishing what you say from what they say. I choose to read this section of “They Say, I Say” because I wanted to read and learn from a chapter that could potentially help me construct a Naysayer paragraph. This section better explained … [Read more…]

Blog 14

Moving forward from my free draft to my final draft I have a few goals I am going to work on. My first goal is creating a naysayer paragraph somewhere essay. I feel that I am not yet extremely comfortable with constructing a naysayer paragraph and it is a goal of mine to get that … [Read more…]

Peer Review 3

Kamryn- I loved how you said “my narrative makes me unique from 7 billion other people in the world, ” I thought it was such an obvious statement but yet, I didn’t even think about it. I felt like it really made me look at my own narrative and see how my story is unique … [Read more…]

Multimodal Statement

My plan for my multimodal project is to talk about my brother Brady. As mentioned, before in previous essay’s and assignments, Brady was born prematurely with many health-related challenges. One topic I may not have brought up is that my mother ran the Boston Marathon in honor of my brother, raising money towards the hospital … [Read more…]

Blog 13

While reading and annotating Galen’s article and trying to understand their argument, I find several interesting positions that were given along the way. One of Galen’s ideas that I was stunned by was when they stated: “I recognize that I am made up of several persons and that the person that at the moment has the … [Read more…]

Blog 12

  Identify at least three notable assertions or other moments in Beck’s text that caused you to sit up straighter and take note. Explain what exactly caught your eye. Did you react as a believer or doubter? Did you build a connection between the text and the world or the text and your self? The … [Read more…]

Blog 11

A pattern that I find myself often following is repeating how empathetic thinking can be used in the health professions field. I feel that instead of explaining the same examples I can come up with different scenarios on how arts can benefit the health field. I feel that I rely on key terms the most. … [Read more…]

Peer Review

Elizabeth- I loved the start of your essay, I was not expecting your essay to start off with so many personal experiences. I found this to be very relatable. While making all of these connections I thought it might be important to add some of the reasons how these personal experiences you’ve had with art … [Read more…]