About Me

My name is Lacey Cheney, I am a field hockey loving, motivated, and hardworking individual! Some fun facts about me are that I have two hairless cats, named Cesar and Lennox. I ┬áhave also met and hung out with Ben and Jerry from Ben and Jerry’s famous Vermont ice cream. I am from Derry, New Hampshire where I attended Pinkerton Academy. During high school I played Varsity field hockey! I am currently a dental hygiene major with a minor in special education! The reason I chose to have a minor in special education is to focus on American Sign Language because I want to be able to communicate with deaf patients in the future! I previously learned ASL in high school where I was in nation honor society! The reason I chose UNE is because it is the only University that allows Dental Hygiene students to study abroad without falling behind in the curriculum. I also consider myself an adventurous person as I am studying abroad in Tangier, Morocco during the fall semester of 2019! I am also a first generational college student in my family! My first job is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop in Manchester, New Hampshire. Working at Ben and Jerry’s is always euphoric! Every year at Ben and Jerry’s all of our staff goes to the yearly global franchise meeting! This year our meeting was in New Orleans, Louisiana! At each years meetings we get to hangout with Ben and Jerry and learn about new ice cream flavors coming out in the coming year! I also love to participate in community service! This year in New Orleans I participated in a service called Project Green Light. In Project Green Light we helped prepare rain barrels to help collect the rain and avoid flooding in the poverty areas! Another service event that I participated in was at the Boys and Girls Club. In 2018, my fall semester of my freshmen year here at UNE, I went to the Portland Boy’s and Girl’s Club to help serve dinner to the families in poverty downtown. I have already been on so many exciting adventures and I can’t wait to see where my next 4 years here at UNE are going to take me!